Saturday, September 03, 2005

A couple of ground rules...

I was hanging out with Em and Paul Z and his girlfriend last night, and Paul was talking about this here new blog thingamajiggy. He said he was excited to see I'd started blogging again, but after a few days he was, like, "where's the deodorant aspect?"

Some of Paul Z's metaphors require a bit of unpacking. What he meant was, why was I not blogging like I put on my deodorant, every morning? Where was the dailiness?


This here blog is simply a way for those of you who want to to keep up with what's going on re: the book, and the book tour, and crazy silly shit that happens to me because of the book (I've got a funny story about some lobsters and a photographer from Reader's Digest....) But that's it. I'm not starting another project, not just yet. Perhaps in a few months. And I don't much want to just reenter the blogging ranks just to contribut to the deluge. I don't have anything interesting to add.

For now this is just a bit of a newsletter, I guess. I'm not going to be writing every day. I'm not going to be describing the maggots under my dishrack - not much, anyway. I'm just keeping folks in the loop. It's not a lot of fun, maybe, but there you go.

So - book news. I'm getting my 25 copies by the end of the next weeka. I guess I have to start picking and choosing who gets a copy and who doesn't. I'm also doing some remarkably silly photo shoots - like with someone picking out clothes for my and everything. I'm drunk with power and dizzying, dizzying fame!!!!

Robert's doing fine. Actually, he just went to the vet, and he has to go on glucosamine and lose ten pounds. But he's good. Once I figure out how to post pictures, I'll put one up.

Oh, and the whisk on the cover of the book is not mine, but I like it. The expression on the egg's face seems very apropos, very defeated and perplexed.

That's all for now.....


Blogger Carroll said...

Feh! I had a feeling it was going to be more the functional kind of blog than the "New Adventures of Julie (and Robert!)" kind of a blog. But y'know...we'll take what we can get :)

I have a feeling that some of your book-related experiences must be getting close to surreal. Keep your feet on the ground for as long as you can, and don't let that dog be dragging you into too much mischief.

10:20 AM  
Blogger Megan said...

I just finished your book (on a NY-bound Chinatown Bus, actually)and of course, internet stalked you to tell you how much I loved it. I'm glad I raided the proof shelf before going on vacation.

I look forward to more from you (and a possible visit to the book shop I work in) sometime in the future...perhaps I'll even BUY a copy for you to sign.

9:58 PM  
Blogger No Sluggo Dave said...

Hey! Welcome back. Hope to see you in Memphis on the tour.

5:21 AM  
Blogger Anne said...

"this here new blog thingamajiggy"?
Doesn't sound like you, Julie!

10:37 AM  
Blogger RozieG said...

So have you moved from that small beginnings to a bigger place Julie? Thank you for sparking an interest in so many to finally COOK I am 62 and worry about the young women of today who can't even scramble and egg! LOL

1:24 PM  
Blogger Juli said...

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8:31 PM  
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Blogger Marissa Vicencio said...

Where can I find your original blog?

4:11 PM  
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