Friday, October 19, 2007

Kiev, Day the Second

So my first impression of Kiev wasn't so good. The receptionist at my hotel was spectacularly rude, the city is, while at times lovely, at other times really crappy, and navigating a town in which I am ignorant not only of the language but of the ALPHABET is waay harder than I had anticipated. I thought I was going to have to eat at McDonald's.

Instead, I got sausage from a woman by the side of the road and bread from a little bakery and a beer. None of it was fantastic - well, maybe the beer - but it was a damned sight better than McDonald's, and the kids in the bakery were very impressed that I was from New York, and then I took a sleeping pill and went to sleep (and if you nag me about drinking one beer and then taking a sleeping pill I WILL punch you), and today I'm feeling much better. The fact that I'm going to have a guide doesn't hurt even a little bit.

Off to take in the Soviet architecture now.....


Blogger Em said...


The beer and sleeping pill was totally called for. When I was in Italy, the only way I could get adjusted to the time difference was to drink a bunch of wine with dinner for three nights in a row.

Can't wait to hear more!

5:39 PM  
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