Sunday, October 21, 2007

Feeling better, in an obscurely melancholic, Eastern European way

Ate goulash. Saw big statues and lovely autumnal parks. Watched the ballet. Feeling much more on top of things, though Cyrillic continues on mysterious. And tonight I ride on a sleeper train to western Ukraine. All in all, much better. I'm getting ready to meet my guide for the day, a fill in for Oksana, who is taking her TOEFL today. He sounds awfully hearty and American, and I'd really rather hole up somewhere with a small vodka and a large tome of Babel. But one must soldier tourist-ly on. Besides, I've got no hotel anymore.


Blogger Anna said...

Hello Julie
I know you are on holiday and this might be too much like work to think about, but I wanted to let you know that I have posted about you and your book on my blog. I'm a journalist for The Times in London. Here is the link
Much enjoyed the book - bravo!
Best wishes,

9:41 AM  
Blogger Melissa Hughes said...

Hi Julie
Firstly let me admit that I am one of those people that swears using asterisks. But I am also occasionally a superhuman hyperfoodie that has real stock in the fridge! Just finished the book today and wanted to say how inspirational it was, hmm that sounds creepy and a bit try hard. Anyway, brace yourself... I have started my own foodie blog, well and truly in its infant stages, and after suffering some quite major defeatism in realising the scope of other foodie-blogs, I will soldier on and see where it leads.
So I am amazed that you are in the Ukraine - my husband's family hail from Lviv and he spent 3 months (with traveller's diarrhoea) working there some years ago. I met him in Kiev and have very clear memories of being left standing mid conversation as he sprinted off to the nearest public toilet (closed) and having to order radioactive coffee to bribe a restaurant to use their amenities. All the best with that. And yes, my hopes of fabulous European gourmet delights were dashed in many an American style restaurant.
Happy travels

3:53 AM  
Blogger Courtney said...

OK, so this may seem a little weird, but then the brave new world of blogs is a little on the odd side. Anyhow, enjoyed your book and blog. I'm American, living in Kyiv/Kiev. If you come back through town and need/want anything, would be happy to help out. We come with references, so aren't too scary. Hope you're enjoying Ukraine! Courtney

4:16 AM  
Blogger Texas Sheila said...

Just finished reading your book & decided to check your blog. Stunned to read you were in Kiev last October. We spent almost 3 months there 2 yrs ago (long story) and it is an amazing city. It takes a while to find the great markets - but they are there. The produce is just amazing - and the bread...the dumplings...the amazing juices...

Anyway - fascinating read - what an amazing adventure you on. Best of luck - Texas Sheila

9:12 PM  
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