Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Help me, Bleaders, you're my only hope!

So here's the stupid thing. When the Iron Chef America episode I appeared in aired, I didn't get it taped. (In fact I didn't even watch it - still haven't.) And no one I know has maintained a tivoed copy. And now real actual people want it, and badly. The Iron Chef America tape is my letter of transit, and I need it! So here is my plea: if you have it, may I have a copy? Just post a comment, and I'll get in touch with you, and pay for a copy. Pretty please with frozen peas on top?


Blogger jenblossom said...

I do still have the episode on my DVR, but I have no way of recording it, unfortunately.

I also have a friend at Food Network, though, so he might be able to help... let me know if nothing else pans out.

11:06 AM  
Blogger hello jamie: said...

I think I could procure it for you... do you know the date or episode title?

2:46 PM  
Blogger ashley said...

I have it on my DVR! I'd be happy to record it and send you a copy!

6:05 AM  
Blogger foodiechickie said...

Gads sorry I saw it but didn't read this post till afterwards and didn't tape it. So sorry. I know it must be pressure for the chefs but Bobby Flay seems rude.

8:46 AM  
Blogger sonnet said...

dude. jeff and bekkah have it and they should be back.

4:09 PM  
Blogger M. L. Place Badarak said...

google search takes me to the Iron Chef America webpage, http://www.foodnetwork.com/food/show_ia_the_series/0,2495,FOOD_20476,00.html then search for the episode - which episode was it?
then download. bon appetit.

7:25 AM  
Blogger 1lear said...

Hey-don't have the show. We live in the backwoods of Belgium and can only dream of having an entire channel devoted to food stuff.

Just wanted to say I just finished reading your book and absolutely loved it. Thanks for the entertainment and can't wait to see what you write about next.

8:09 AM  
Blogger amanda said...

Dude...I missed that episode!

I don't usually watch the new version of Iron Chef, but it would have been neat to see your episode. Is Alton Brown as quirky in person as he is on his shows? Watching his show makes me feel all smart and stuff.

11:40 AM  
Blogger ajay said...

Julie- congrats on the Quills nominations!

Eveyone else, go vote for her! (somewhere on msn -- I just followed a link from Publisher's Weekly)

1:43 PM  
Blogger Crystal said...

Which episode is it? I'd love to put it on future TIVO.

I'm in the midst of your book, btw. And wow, what a great read!

4:59 PM  
Blogger Coolshoes said...

What, you mean the folks at Food Network don't send you a DVD of your episode, engraved in gold with date and time and all that??? Geez, you are a big foodie celebrity, how can they treat you that way!!! The indignity of it all. And now, not only do you not have it, but I never even saw it, thanks to The New York Times no longer printing up that weekly TV section on Sundays. Life is full of dissapointments, no??

6:25 PM  
Blogger Alison Minaglia said...

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11:32 AM  
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