Friday, June 22, 2007

The Cats.

So I went back to the Cat Park today, also known as the Charles Thays Botanical Garden. It's a beautiful place, full of statuary and gorgeous sculptural trees, but I was obsessed with only one thing.

How many cats co you count here? I think there are 5 but I could be missing one or two. In any event, there are hundreds in the parks as a whole. Hundreds of aggressively friendly cats.

This one is indeed climbing my breasts. I would like to promise my Granny from beyond the grave that I bought some antibacterial handwash immediately after this picture was taken.

I went to the park right after meeting at Standard again. Owner Santiago:

(Blurry picture, but adorable man, no?) has introduced me to Armando:

(Slightly less blurry picture, equally adorable man), who is going to get me into a slaughterhouse, hopefully, and find someone to take me to the famous meat market in Buenos Aires, which serves basically as a national stock market for meat prices. Apparently it's just like watching trading on the floor as NASDAQ. I'm so excited I can't see straight.


Blogger lauren said...

You probably already know this, and I haven't been keeping up with comments here so apologies if this is a repeat, but:
ice cream in Buenos Aires
gnocchi in Buenos Aires, the 29th of every month

6:24 PM  
Blogger tina said...

I think I like cats better than men..... but I digress.

Wanted to tell you that in my community of Obsessed Knitters, Kelly Petkun of Knit Picks (
gave you and The Project (and book of course) a shout out. She did such a wonderful job talking about the similarities of getting on track with a project and giving it focus as you did. She has a similar project with a knitting icon as you did with Julia. As a fan of both Knit Picks and Julie-Julia I found the listen quite wonderful!

7:51 AM  
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