Sunday, October 28, 2007

And she's off.

Getting on a plane to Tanzania today, and don't imagine I'll be much in contact for the next 2 weeks. Everyone have a nice November, and send Eric good thoughts for his marathon Sunday!


Blogger Elena said...

I know you are out running around someplace wild, but I just saw the news about Julie & Julia. So exciting. Loved Amy Adams in Junebug. I'll be there opening night!

7:28 AM  
Blogger Jen A. Miller said...

I just heard the news about Julie & Julia. Congrats!!!!

2:28 PM  
Blogger Gabby said...

I saw the news about the film, too, and could not be more excited. As a struggling actress/blogger in a dead-end secretarial job in NYC - I dream of somehow being a part of this project. My fingers are crossed for us both ;)

11:47 AM  
Blogger Faith, the Authoress said...

Good luck, Eric!

12:26 PM  
Blogger iamnasra said...

you did not write about Tanzania

12:46 PM  
Blogger Spandrel Studios said...

Wow I just started paging through, spotted the Amy Adams mention, looked online and saw all the other great people associated with your movie - Nora Ephron is my favorite! Hearty congratulations from a formerly avid reader of your original blog and lovely book.

6:49 PM  
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