Friday, June 15, 2007

Day 2

So far I have managed to find an adaptor for my laptop - after hiking the city for hours, including through the very chi chi and GORGEOUS part of town where S.A.'s only Mac store is located; eat Argentinian steak and pizza, which is this whole big thing here as well; get chatted up by a trio of courtly Brazilian legislators; take a siesta (I feel another on the way, must be the pizza); and get both locked out of and let back into my apartment.

Everyone here is bundled up with gloves and huge coats and scarves bundled up around their faces like it's 15 degrees. I just checked on, and it says it's 48, but it doesn't feel it to me. I was walking around in my Brooklyn Industries sweatshirt, feeling just fine.

I stick A LOT here - everyone calls me "Ingles" and speaks in English to me even though they can't actually speak English, but they're polite and helpful and, mostly, gorgeous, so I don't mind.

All day long a group of unseen children - sounds like thirty of them or more - scream and yell outside my window. It's charming, but endless and without explanation and therefore sort of creepy.


Blogger Mint Mogul said...

I didn't post when you initially asked for suggestions, but hopefully it's not too late. Definitely indulge in the steaks and pizza, and don't forget the flan and panqueques with delicious dulce de leche. I recommend Cabana Las Lilas in Puerto Madera and Desnivel in San Telmo as local dining places, and the latter has fantastic panqueques. The Lonely Planet is pretty good food-wise, too.

If you love leather outerwear, bags, etc., definitely plan on acquiring some here. There is a district where you can have custom made coats and such, which I didn't get to do, but I highly recommend. Also, the crafts markets at La Boca and Recoleta (Sundays only) are fantastic for shopping.

Seeing the mothers demonstrating in front of the Casa Rosada is a must, also.

Finally, you have to take a day trip to Tigre, the Venice-like suburb in the delta if the Rio de la Plata. There is nothing like sitting in a cafe at the boat dock, watching life on the river, with boats carrying restaurant deliveries, school children (who will wave back if you wave), and everything else under the sun pass you by.

12:17 PM  
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