Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Sorry, sorry...

Don't know what was going on with the posting there. Well, hopefully it's fixed itself now...

So yes, I have some event tomorrow night at L'Ecole in New York. It's hosted by the New York Times, there's going to be food, and I think it's probably a ticketed event. That's all I know. I'm trying to get further information, but so far no dice.

What else? Yes - so Eric ran the marathon, and he wasn't even sore after because, for which all should feel free to hate him. And for Thanksgiving my parents have rented a house in Vermont and we're all going up there, wine and green chiles in hand. Out to be fun, but not so interesting for you....

And I'd like to say that I think this weather is calling in the horsemen of the apocalypse. 65 in mid-November in New York is just scary.


Blogger Troi Toy said...

Hey! I'm a big foodie and have read some great reviews of your book. I promise to purchase it soon... After a little searching, I have found your current blog (on blogger! hooray!). I'm reading your posts with interest, and wanted to congratulate you on achieving publication, something many of us wannabe writers can only dream of. Now you can enjoy lots of little posts from hundreds of strangers like myself. I'm sorry I missed your Chicago visit, but if you happen to come back through town I will try to attend a signing. By the way, the temperature here went from 65 degrees to 15 within a day. Which means that weather is coming your way soon...(sorry)

12:16 PM  
Blogger Benny said...

56 degrees in Indiana is scary, too. I glare with my jaw dropped at people when they chirp on obliviously about how beautiful the weather is and how glad they are it's holding out for their golf games or whatever. I'm like, "Do you not think there's sumptin' a bit mysterious about this heat?" Manna from Heaven-wha???


11:18 AM  
Blogger Julie4evert said...

I was looking forward to reading this book since I have always loved Julia Child and love to Cook. How dare this Woman use Julia Child to promote her hatred towards our President of the United States and the Republican party! I honestly tried to overlook her constant bashing of Republicans but when I got to page 191 where she actually insulted more then half of the American Public by calling us "Pure Evil". I took that personally since I am a Republican, and did this Author realise she just insulted over 50% of the population who voted in the last election for President Bush? I guess she didn't care. I've decided to throw this woman's book away, actually I think I will take great pleasure in ripping it up into a million pieces then burning it.

7:17 AM  
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