Tuesday, December 06, 2005

And by tomorrow, of course,

I mean tonight. Tuesday, December 6th. Me, Natick, Mass. Be there.


Blogger Jess said...

I'm so bummed -- i can't go tonight! If only I'd known earlier. Ah, well.

I just started your book, and it's wonderful. I was a "bleader," and (please excuse my repeat of what others have said) it doesn't feel like a rehash at all. It's great; I'm really enjoying it. Thank you. And I hope to make it to one of your Boston visits one of these days! (I was in AZ the last time you were here.) I hope there's another.

Also (please excuse the wordiness) I was in Ptown last weekend, and I had your book in my hand, and a woman came over to say that she's just finished it, and loved it, and laughed out loud, and if i liked this one, i should read Anne Lamott. Hey, you're being compared to Anne Lamott! (if you don't like anne lamott, please disregard above comment . . .)

12:22 PM  
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