Monday, July 09, 2007

I'm dreaming of a white Dia de la Independencia.

Snow! In Buenos Aires! On Independence Day!

Yeah, so it's not a lot of snow. And it's kind of tending toward sleet now. And as usual, my pictures are shity. But snow!

My best picture of it, from my apartment window, is, sadly rotated the wrong way and I don't know how to turn it right:

Really, though, the best part is outside, everyone is walking around with goofy grins on their faces, taking pictures of each other, kissing and giggling and generally behaving as if there's six feet of snow on the ground and they having nothing waiting at home for them but a bottle of wine and/or mug of hot chocolate, a roaring fireplace, and a lover or mom, whichever fits the age and situation, ready to share it.

Well, that's the best part for all of them. The best part for me is this TOTALLY justifies my decision to not go to Uruguay today.


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