Thursday, July 06, 2006

NPR et al...

So the All Things Considered piece went up yesterday, you can listen to it, and read it, here:

Annoyingly, they cut all the sexy bits out of the recording. They're still in the written version, though.

And yes, Nancy, it's the Flay v Morou Iron Chef - thanks for looking it up!

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Two (Tentative) Announcements

Looks like I'm going to be on All Things Considered today. Maybe. Or sometime this week. I guess. I've already recorded the thing, so there's no chance of me not showing up because I get hit by a bus, so that's one certainty, anyway. And I'm not talking about food! I don't know if me talking about something other than food is an inticement, but it sure is a nice change of pace for me.

Also, looks like my Iron Chef appearance is finally going to come to be. July 9th is the date, I've been told. I imagine it's going to be pretty excruciating. But since I don't have cable, I guess I don't have to worry.