Tuesday, October 31, 2006


... I am officially the worst blogger in the world.

But I am not dead. And a few things have happened in the last month. Mostly, I won the Quills Award for best debut author, thanks to all you good people. This being a people's choice award, I lost in the food category to Rachel Ray. But seeing as how my fellow losers were Bill Buford, the editors of the Silver Spoon cookbook and Julia Child, I can't complain too much.

The best thing about the Quills Awards was that mine broke. It's this heavy metal and plastic thing in the shape of a book, and the plastic thing came apart from the metal part within about ten minutes, right in the middle of me talking to Al Roker and that skinny Kennedy woman. The awards people were aghast when they found out and want to replace. But hell no. I like it this way. It's so ME...

What I will not apologize for is the Republican bashing a commentor made on the last post. I think it's so funny that people think enough about my political opinions to trash them. It's not as if I wrote a book on public policy, you know? Why on earth would anyone care what I think? I think of the Julie of "Julie & Julia" as a character in a novel. She is a sometimes engaging often aggravating person, her mother's daughter, firm in her belief that anyone who voted for this administration in 2004 contributed directly to the destruction of our country, and she likes to rant. If folks read my book as if it were a treatise on the political landscape of 21st century America, well then, it's almost like they're reading my book to learn how to make souffle. Very wrongheaded.

Shouldn't probably have even addressed that. One more sign that I've become a bad blogger, I actually give a shit what mean posters say... But no more.