Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The old Ball-n-Chain makes good...

Here's my Eric on the last 1/8 mile of the Beaujolais Marathon. Doesn't he look good? Extra points for anyone who can make out through my shoddy filmmaking skills the TV show he is quoting from as he runs past....

(Promise, I'll learn embedding one day....)


Okay, so my cinematography leaves pretty much everything to be desired, and you all probably couldn't make out what Eric was shouting. So I'm going to give you a hint. What he said was "No power in the verse can stop me..." So that should make the cultural reference appallingly clear.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Final Frontier for the next month or so...

So. Julie Is On YouTube.

Very exciting, no? This is a little experiment me and Food & Wine are conducting and the results are, so far, well... well I'll let you determine.

Three instances of me:

(I'm going to have to learn how to imbed shit one of these days...)

(This is me trying to act like I'm on TV, I'm totally losing thirty pounds and throwing that sweater away, stat....)

There's another one to come, but YouTube is having trouble digesting it.



Video #3, which is actually video #2, which is confusing. TO add to the confusion, this is a very meta Julie YouTube....