Thursday, January 14, 2010

The tragedy we pet owners all sign onto.

Our beloved Robert - known to readers of "Cleaving" and the Epilogue of "J&J" - died on Sunday. He was 11 or 12 years old, a dear, dear animal that we were lucky enough to share our lives with for 6 years. The very best dog that ever there was. Eric and I are destroyed, of course, and I've only now felt up to posting this.

Of course, losing an animal doesn't rank up there with King Lear on the tragedy scale, empirically speaking, but those of you out there who have gone through this know how excruciating it is. It's what we sign up for, though. He was our heart - and though we know we gave him a good life, and have no regrets on that score - the blank spot he's left is cold and immense.

All love, my big bear.

PS I ask out of respect to his sweetness that people maybe refrain from violent, nasty comments. I'll post again soon and those of you who get off on meanness and name calling can resume your activities. From this post, I will be removing them.