Saturday, July 14, 2007

Found it!

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Blogger Marianna said...

You know, Julie, I would have never considered looking at MAOFC until I read your book, and I would have never considered traveling to Argentina until I read this blog. What a cool place! Thanks for being my travel scout!!

4:23 AM  
Blogger SW said...

This is my first foray into blogging, but I felt compelled to write to you after finishing your book (just a few moments ago). I have to admit I never heard of you or "The Project" before reading your book. It caught my eye in the library because we named our younger daughter Julia. When we were deciding on her name, we thought about the famous people that shared her name, and of course, thought of Julia Child. So, I really couldn't resist the title. She's seven now, and believe it or not, is a Food Network junkie! Your book was wonderful...funny (I laughed out loud many times), touching, and a bit irreverent at times. I actually cried at the end because it was over. I plan to buy one for my daughter as a keepsake. I am eagerly awaiting your next book. Thank you.

10:09 AM  
Blogger razmarie said...

Julie- I know you're sad to be coming home, but those of us still stuck in the northern hemisphere of the U.S. will be happy to have you back.

Loved your book, by the way!

10:10 AM  
Blogger Julia Powell said...

I totally understand your Julie/Julia situation. My name is Julia Gertrude (Jenkins maiden name) Powell - So, not only am I in a Julie/Julia zone I am triply (Triply as in 3X cursed/Blessed) because I have fought the fight of Julie/Julia/Trudy battle since grade school. I am named after both grandmothers (Julia Gertrude Thornley of Brooklyn NY and Gertrude Smith of Terre Haute IN) and that is another good story. People never want to say Julia they inevitably change me to Julie and I know if someone knew me as a child or is a family friend because they call me Trudy. When someone asks me to explain why all the names as if I have a check forging scheme going, I just tell them that Julie or Trudy are my evil twins. That alone is enough to make them move on - they just don't want to know - TMI (Too much Info). I love your book and am myself in a deadend government job and have at least one book started and at least 3 in my head and heart. However, I now worry that one of my evil twins and it looks like it'll be Trudy who will get all the glory (if there will be any) because I waited a whole lot longer than you (at 34) to make that scary leap from deadend but safe and familiar job to "writer" which impresses me but can I measure up? I am 56 and write when I can and already have a 130 lb dog (Irish wolfhound named "Doc"). Maybe we can correspond some - Your experience gives me hope that someone besides all the "folks" at the office who think I "ought to write a book" and who probably wish I'd stop talking about how the government wastes all our talent instead of really changing the status quo can actually break out and discover that the deadend really is just a culdesac with a hidden path that leads to special place where attire is not required just pajama or black tie - writer's Choice. Julia Powell

8:53 AM  
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