Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Exercising the old franchise still something of a chore in LIC...

So they moved our polling station, out of the semi-abandoned building where I think they make plastic flowers sometimes, and into the court house. Which is is definitely a move toward 21st century western democracy, sure. But it would have been nice if someone had told us. The sweet old ladies at the polling station, when eventually we did get there, proudly trumpeted a confused 80-year-old man into his booth by announcing that he was "the only Republican we've had in here!" Another woman seemed to have not managed to vote - her light was still on when she left the booth - but a kindly official pulled the switch for her. Without letting her know or anything. Hey, she was halfway out of the building, and kind of in her own little world, so.... Oh, and I'm not on the voting list. Used a paper ballot. So that's one Obama vote flushed.

And now we wait....


Blogger Jenn23 said...

Sounds like voting places are the same all over the states, but things could be worse. We could all be voting in Florida! ;)

8:30 PM  
Blogger majikgodss said...

I hate to say that I didn't caucus this year...it seemed much more important when I lived in Iowa. I like both Democrats, so why caucus? Probably the wrong attitude :)

I am totally copying your idea in my own blog, so I hope you don't care! It's such a good idea though....

11:06 PM  
Blogger Cooknkid said...

Julie - so glad I found your blog. I just yesterday finished the book (a little late in getting to it, I know). I read about you years ago in the NY Times - probably the Amanda Hesser article because I was reading all of her food articles then - but I only recently realized you had the book. I got it for Christmas 2007from my husband, who actually read it faster than I did. He would laugh out loud and wake me sometimes. I was also able to get it on my electronic book-reader and got a lot read on the train. I usually fall asleep if I wait to read in bed. Anyway, you've inspired me to tackle some of those recipes too - as well as attempt a blog. Can't wait for your next books, projects and posts.

12:25 PM  
Blogger dboza said...

I found Super Tuesday, very exciting. I live in MN and we have to caucus here, and to be honest to caucus is kind of a pain in the butt. Fortunately I went to the caucus early, in the hope I would run into people I had worked with before during a local election. We used to meet at a local middle school and then break up into precincts. Ou precinct would have about 10 people and we meet around a table. This year our caucus met at the high school and we all got classrooms. We alone had over 135 people pass through our precinct to vote...we had to let people vote after 8:00 because they were still in line. Traffic was backed up over a mile to get into our suburban caucus. I was thrilled with the turnout--my suburb was considered red, we are the governor's hometown ( who is supposedly being considered as a running mate for McCain). We had a record turnout for the Dems. our precinct went 91 for Obama and 44 for Hillary. Our state went to Obama. I dont know if the rest of the country, knows what a big deal it is to win a caucus vote, because we cant just go in and pull a lever in a booth, we have to go to the caucus and find our precinct and take part in a process. It was burdensome and took a good chunk of time. I think it shows how people are so ready for change. The Reps. had caucus also but their pres. vote does not count, it is only a beauty contest. People here see what happens when we neglect our infrastructure ..falling national highway bridges.. hurricane victims still cannot go home..what's going to happen to all those victims of the tornadoes? O.k. I'll get off my soapbox. Julie,Hope you have another book in the works.

11:18 AM  
Blogger Doreen Joy said...

As a voter in Florida, I was aware that I wouldn't really have a hand in picking the Democratic candidate since our delegates aren't seated--and since I was an Obama voter, and the state went Hillary, I really didn't have much of a say.

Still, I though it was important to vote to show my shadowy support for my candidate. Important enough to deal with an older woman who tried to turn me away at first, thinking I was too young to vote. I'm twenty-six.

By the way, I'm another food blogger you've inspired. Whether or not this is a good or bad thing remains to be seen.

6:20 PM  
Blogger JH said...

Dear Julie,
I just came across your book today and I'm sure I'll spent the night reading and laughing - being a passionate cooking adventuress your book is a real joy!
I'll read my way through these blogs-you seem to attract simpatico people :)

12:21 PM  
Blogger MCV said...

I started your book after my best friend from college loaned it to me this past weekend. I'm on page 66. I rather like your writing style, wit, and subject matter. I too am a cook with a thirst for challenge. I also happen to be Republican and a decent person. Does your complete disdain for all things Republican ever let up? If it doesn't, I'll likely still finish the book. I just want to know what I'm in for.

10:08 PM  
Blogger Denise said...

Dang, I wrote the comment first and registered as a user after, so I lost the damn thing. I also just found the book; I wanted to read it before the movie came out (not that I ever GO to the actual movie) so I could feel smug because I read the book. I also laugh out loud and am awed by your cooking prowess. I like to bake (but not ladyfingers, my God) but am not much of a cook, although I have helped (emphasize "Helped") to make Moules Provencale. I'd rather eat them than cook them, bless their little artery-busting selves. Anyway, I am thoroughly enjoying the Julie/Julia project and read wistfully that you now work in your pj's..I work in scrubs but not at home, sadly. I'm glad you got a dog. Robert sounds wonderful. Are you still cooking? Did you move yet?
Denise in Ohio

7:08 AM  
Blogger Kitty UK said...

Hi Julie,
Just finished reading your book and I enjoyed it fully. I have had a recent verve for cooking thanks to you! There were so many times in your book that I thought I was reading my own journal. Oh, and just to add to what MCV said- I am a Republican too and somehow despite our political polarity, you and I seem to have a lot in common. Can't we all just get along?

11:41 AM  
Blogger aryooki said...

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Blogger WendyWings said...

Tap tap is thing on. We are holding Stanley captive here in New Zealand until you update so if you want him to be Paul you know what to do !!

5:54 PM  
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