Monday, April 07, 2008

Deadlines and Doldrums

Sorry, guys, I've been an even crappier blogger than is usual, I am on desperate deadline, which has put me dreadfully behind on taxes, and then, to quote Rufus, "there's those other things, which for several reasons we won't mention," which have me often in bed late and passed out early.

Plus the weather blows.


Blogger tina said...

Well glad to see that you are still kicking along------ no apologies needed. Life is what it is, y'know?

And the weather? Honeylambchop the damn weather has been so horrible that I have put back on my weight (ack) and been bluer than one of those scary monkey butts.

Now THAT was descriptive---- c'mon you have to admit it!!!!

We will send each other good juju over the miles and perhaps will each other up out of the darkness.

Plus----- lovely weather is coming, I mean it is a universal law and all that, it really does not have a choice!

12:44 PM  
Blogger Grammy said...

We've all missed your blogs and certainly agree that weather and taxes suck!! Just think, Julie, if you'd decided to do all the recipes in Betty Crocker - no one would have given a darn, we could ALL do that. But you had to choose the most impressive, all encompassing, time-consuming, difficult cookbook ever written. You have fans, like Tina, in the zillions and no more soul-sucking job. The sun will come out sometime, at least we hope it will someday, like here in Seattle. Unfortunately, taxes are forever, sorry! Love, Grammy PS Loved Tina's "descriptive."

1:35 PM  

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