Sunday, May 20, 2007

Argentina Here I Come, Right Back Where I Started From...

.... well, no. But I am going. For more than a month. By myself. And I'm a little nervous. Because, for instance, I don't speak Spanish. Because, as an example, I have no place to stay and am not sure what I'm going to be doing down there. Because, further, I have no reason to believe I am capable of a tango.

But what the hell, right? You only live in Buenos Aires once.

If y'all have any leads on the place - places to live/eat/see, places not to see/eat/live, interesting folks to meet (butchers, especially!), etc.... Let me know! I will be pleased to be relieved of some small measure of my ignorance.

Friday, May 04, 2007

Obsessions on parade....

So I went to see "Away From Her" today, which left me totally discombobulated and sad, though the fact that Julie Christie a total hottie helped. What helped more, though, was that I came home to find a post that was ostensibly about Alex Kingston but was in reality a paean to fug girl Jessica's college crush on Ralph Fiennes.

Now, Rafey has pride of place in my timeline of celebrity crushes somewhere between River Phoenix and my dear David. So of course I had to email the girls my humiliating story about sending Ralph a white rose backstage when he was performing as Hamlet on Broadway during my senior year in college, (the guy who delivered the rose played either Rosencrantz or Guildenstern and also has a minor place on my timeline because when I was twelve he starred in "Young Sherlock Holmes", a movie I obsessed about for an entire summer and saw I think six times.) Then I went to the play, which was good and very long, and I wore a white rose on my lapel and waited for him after the show and he was on vocal rest so he wasn't speaking to fans, but I told him I thought he was wonderful and asked if he could shake my hand
because he was so wonderful, and he did, and he looked at me, and at my rose, and gave me an incandescent smile before climbing into a car with Alex Kingston who he later dumped for the woman who played Gertrude opposite his Hamlet, who was like twenty years older than him, which is kind of cool, though I feel bad for Alex, and after he got in the car I actually burst into tears.

And the fug girls wrote me back! I feel like I've been touched by a really awesome, bitchy angel. Thanks, fug girls!